Sunday, July 10, 2011

Capped Honey

Recently I did an entire hive inspection since we now have 4 boxes.  Each time we add a box we have checked the box below but we haven't checked the entire hive yet and I just wanted to make sure everything is going well.  As hoped everything in the hive looks great!  In the lower boxes around the brood there is capped honey which was very exciting to see.  It means that the bees are doing well and progressing as hoped.  They haven't done much with the new box we added but hopefully over the next month they will get cooking on that too!


  1. Pretty netat! We're thinking about getting into bee's next year!

  2. I made a comment commending you on your Bee Hive efforts...but blogger was having difficulties...Good luck with them.

  3. Allison you definitely should especially with the orchard! My husband was extremely hesitant and now that we have them he can't imagine not having them. We have had so much fun and really enjoyed having the bees.

    Thanks gingerbreadhouse7!