Saturday, July 16, 2011


We live in an urban area.  Despite that we have deer, yes deer.  Whenever I tell people that we struggle with deer that constantly eat my roses, tulips, and worry about the damage they will do to the garden they look at me quizzically.  You can tell they think I must be mistaken.  Often people ask me how could I possibly have deer in my neighborhood.  Well, we live close enough to suburban neighborhoods with woods that deer visit us regularly. 

Here is my proof that we have deer and I am not crazy.  Tuesday I woke up and when I went into the kitchen to make my morning coffee I saw this deer resting in my neighbor's mulch bed about 6 feet away from my garden.


  1. Isn't that a lot of nerve! guess he figured if you can come into my neighborhood and relac I can come into yours :o)

  2. Vanessa, Sorry I have been a commenting slacker! Can't believe you are now dealing with deer! Have you seen the movie Over the Hedge? We watched it last night, it's really cute and a bunch of critters spend the whole movie infiltrating the suburbs:)

  3. The deer is beautiful...hopefully it stays over there and doesn't try to eat your veggies!