Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We got to spend the weekend in Indy with my sister and her husband this past weekend.  Indy is only 2 hours away but with schedules we haven't been in a year which was way too long.  I miss having her around but it does provide us the ability to get out of town.  Knowing how granola I have become in the past 2 years Tiffany and Tom took us to 2 of their local farmers markets.  The market I go to is only about half the size of their markets so I was really impressed, I'm hoping our markets continue to gain momentum and grow.

We also went to a local winery and brewery for tastings.  We had a blast at the winery, Easley Winery.

We had a great time continuing to explore the local Indianapolis life and had a wonderful time visiting!  The next time will hopefully be in less than a  year.


  1. I was wondering...do you think the bees are improving your pollination this year? It looks like the bees are doing great!

  2. Well we have already picked 5 zucchini and last year we had none. All of the tomatoes have lots of unripe fruit set, way more than we had last year. So I think either I am having really good luck or they have definitely helped. But I have to say we have fallen so much in love with the bees at this point it wouldn't matter if they did or didn't improve pollination. They are doing excellent! I went out to Roger's today to watch extraction and start to learn the process :)