Sunday, August 21, 2011


Every Winter without a doubt I have learned that Andy gets a craving for canned peaches.  We go to the store and he becomes enticed by the gourmet kitchen, sparkling jars on the shelves.  Of course he never wants or is quite satisfied by the store brand cans.  So this Summer I decided to take advantage of the season and can some now for his winter cravings.  I ordered a crate of peaches which ended up being 38 pounds.  That turns out to be ALOT of peaches.  So what do you do with that much?

Well it seems it's enough to can slices, make salsa and peach butter. 

Make a cobbler with blackberries.

Bake a pie and eat plenty fresh.

Then once we had a handle on the copious amounts of peaches, my Dad's wife stopped by and brought me a bag of . . . peaches!  We are enjoying swimming in the bounty of Summer.

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