Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pie Pans

With the regular tomato theft I decided to attempt some action.  One of my cousins told me that pie pans hung in the garden will deter squirrels.  After a bit of research some people say it will also deter deer.  Supposedly the sound that the pie pans make when clanging together or in this case against the tomato cage will scare off the varmits.  So I cut some pie pans in half and tied them to cages in spots that might catch the wind or will rustle when brushed in an attempt to steal more tomatoes.  I find the look unattractive but if it works then this $2 experiment will look really attractive.

Update:  Andy came home late last night after it was already dark.  This morning as he was eating breakfast and looking out the kitchen window as he always does he said to me: "It looks like some trash flew into the garden."  I knew what he was talking about but asked anyways and he said, "Those silver plate things."  Of course I explained but it made me laugh.  He doesn't think it looks good, I would agree but neither do deer and squirrels eating the loot in my garden.