Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Up until this week the critters haven't bothered me or my garden too much.  The squirrels here are crazy and the real culprits of most of our garden crimes.  They have stolen a few beans but I figure part of gardening, especially organic gardening is learning to share.  This week my tomatoes have become prime target.  Sunday we found a green San Marzano left on the fence as if to taunt us that they can take them and there is nothing we can do about it.  Yesterday I found one large ripe Black Krim pulled off and broken open and another large green tomato.  Then today I came home to find a ripped open Pineapple tomato still on the vine and many others with piercings.  Today's findings started to give me the anxious feelings that I might loose everything to greedy squirrels. 

In addition to the tomatoes they also took a chunk out of one of the watermelons.  Every season I remind myself I am willing to share instead of putting up hideous fences or spraying noxious chemicals.  But as soon as the critters start to take more than I am willing to give I start to feel the inner two year old inside me want to stomp my feet, pout and greedily hoard my loot.  I'm not sure who needs the lesson in sharing most right now me or the squirrels.

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