Saturday, August 6, 2011

Putting Away

I have been doing alot of cooking lately and not just food for us to consume now.  I have been assembling, cooking and preparing food to go in the freezer or can.  We are starting to not be able to keep up with the produce and I want to make sure it gets saved or used.  During the holidays or other busy times of the year its nice to pull something out of the freezer or pantry that is going to be easy to make.

 This week I froze an eggplant lasagna and zucchini soup.

I also used up the last of the fresh sour cherries and made a batch of jam.


  1. Oh that jam looks delish! I wish I had more feezer space to store things like soup and dinners. I can freeze a few things, but most things get canned if possible.

  2. We bought a chest freezer 2 years ago and it has been super helpful to store more than what my fridge freezer can hold.

  3. Can I have the recipes for those two things? I am thinking it would be good to make them for later too.

  4. Thanks for the recipe! It was delicious! However, Sister Too was helping in the kitchen and when she was shaking the Tobasco sauce into the soup, I said "That's enough" but she heard "A few more". The girls thought it was too spicy so I tried to cut it a bit with a few tablespoons of sugar (it works, but I didn't want it to be sweet), some white rice, homemade croutons, and of course, practically a gallon of milk. Unfortunately it was so good, there isn't enough to freeze, so I shall make another trip to the grocery to stock up. I'll be making corn chowder for winter as well. Thanks for inspiring me!