Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bee School

Today Andy and I went to the SWOBA (South Western Ohio Beekeepers Association) Bee School that is also put on in conjunction with The Ohio State University Extension Services.  This was my second year, Andy's first.  I enjoy going because while not every class is outstanding I always learn something new, get a chance to speak with other beekeepers, and check out equipment from the many vendors.

We divided and conquered going to different sessions trying to make sure we acquired the best information.  The highlights for me were learning about: assessing a queen's productivity and diseases of the hive.  Andy's highlights were removing bees from structures and a history of beekeeping and tools.

We wore our matching Warren County Beekeepers Association t-shirts because we are just that cool.

I also acquired a bunch of new goodies we needed and the best part was we didn't have to pay for shipping!

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