Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Bed

After refilling all the beds, amending the in ground garden and filling an extra large trash can there was still this pile left with no where to go.  We don't have any back corners that a pile of dirt can go and we don't have a vehicle to transport it to someone who needs it or to dump it somewhere.  With rain coming and it taking up driveway space we needed to find a home for it.  So we went to the store to look at options of where to put the extra product.

I ended up with this, an extra 4x4 bed.  Andy has been wanting one in this spot and I have been dragging my feet because I didn't want to finance all the materials.  But when we had the extra soil and the cost of lumber is the same as a container that will hold the soil for future use we decided to go with the lumber.

The spot hasn't had a bed before because it is shaded by the neighbor's house by 2pm in the afternoon.  This makes it a less than superb location for summer crops but we are hoping that it might be just what a bed of lettuce needs to last through the season.


  1. Good idea! I hope you have good luck there too!

  2. I put my lettuce bed behind the garden shed, with a 6' fence to the west and north of the bed, so it's shaded on three sides and only gets morning sun. I grow lettuce all summer long there, even in 100 degree heat. I've found Romaine and Red Sails take quite well to summer heat, but I'm trying some new ones this year that are supposed to do well also.