Monday, March 12, 2012


I finally have a harvest to post!  Although this is leftover from the 2011 garden.  This past weekend I cleaned out the garden to get ready to lay down some compost and pulled out the rest of the leeks and parsnips that were being stored in ground.


  1. That is an amazing harvest of overwintered veggies! Nice Job Vanessa. Happy birthday too!

  2. Those parsnips look sooooo good! I didn't have room in the garden last year so, with the garden expansion, I'm hoping to get some planted this spring. I'm trying to presprout my seeds, but the first batch had 0% germination. I may have kept them too wet, so I'm trying again. The soil blocks I planted nearly a month ago haven't sprouted either. It's new seed, but I may have to try another brand if this doesn't work.

  3. Lovely harvest! I am hoping to grow parsnips and leeks this next year. Happy late birthday. :)