Friday, March 23, 2012


I have mentioned many times through the years how much I dislike my neighbor's magnolia tree.  It looks beautiful for one week but it is planted so close to their house and on the property line that while the trunk is on their property the rest of the tree hangs over my garden.  

Each spring it drops all it's petals onto my garden.  Last year it did this right after composting and mulching, ruining the look of the new fresh mulch.  The petals also all drop mainly within a 2-3 day period and could blanket and shade out an entire bed's worth of seedlings.  Every fall it drops mounds of leaves, that become my problem.  I love Magnolia trees but this is a really crappy placement of a tree.

This year I am being proactive and covering the beds with row cover.  I have gone out each night and lifted the cover up shaking the petals off.  We are also holding off on mulching until all the flowers have dropped off the tree.  We learned this lesson the hard way last year.  I might seem silly but if you spent hours upon hours of schlepping mulch and compost you might feel the same way.


  1. I feel your pain. Our neighbor has a walnut tree that hangs like that over my garden. Last year there must have been a ton of walnuts on the ground, and I couldn't hardly walk through them without turning my ankles. It's an old tree, with lots of dead limbs, so I take my life in my hands every time I work out there. I've been bombarded with falling walnuts, and I've had more than one branch fall on my head!

  2. Oh Wow, I think you win, walnuts seems worse! A renter lives in the house so we have never seen the owner. If the owner lived there we would ask them to cut it down or offer to do it ourselves. We have cut all the possible branches we can that hang over the property line that we can reach, but at this point it seems we have run out of options for the time being. At least it is going to help shade my lettuce!