Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I was busy in the garden over the weekend.  I cleaned out all of my overwintered plants, pruned up the herbs that needed it and worked on amending the soil.  Our in ground garden is high in clay and I have had poor luck growing root veggies so I decided to try adding sand to break it up.  I wasn't really sure how much to add so I added about 75 pounds.  In the raised beds I added 25 pounds, the soil in those beds was bought and doesn't need much work.

I also had a delivery of composted horse manure/bedding mixed with a bit of topsoil.  The mix is 75/25%.  I used the mix to top off all of my raised beds.  I made the mistake of not covering them over the winter and they lost at least one third of their contents.  I also spread a few inches on the in ground garden.

Before Spring Cleaning

After Spring Cleaning


  1. The sand and compost should greatly improve your soil! It all looks so nice and neat now.

  2. That's a lot of dirt! You've been busy.