Friday, March 16, 2012


I opened the beehive over the weekend.  My suspicions were confirmed that our bees have all died.  We are not quite sure what caused the death.  It could have been mites, and infection, too much moisture that caused freezing or starvation.  Although there was an entire box of honey left, they might not have broken the cluster to find the honey.  Needless to say we have another package of bees on order, they are coming April 15th.  Year one was a learning curve, hopefully year two will be more successful in overwintering bees.

 Bees in the positions they died.  You can see some head first in the comb.  They also have some sort of crystalline substance on them.

 The carnage

Plenty of honey still on the frames.


  1. Oh geze - how sad :(

    So can you still use the honey even though you don't know if an infection or something of the likes is what killed them?

    1. I am going to inspect the hive a little closer and clean some things up. As long as everything checks out I will leave the honey for the new package instead of feeding them sugar water from the get go.

  2. Wow. So sorry about your bees. That would really be a disappointment to me if I had bees, but we have to be strong and keep going or else we lose in the end. Good luck with your new batch!