Thursday, June 24, 2010


We have waged a war against an enemy... moles.    Last year we had moles in the front yard.  This year about 3 weeks ago they turned up in our backyard and managed to find their way to, yep you guessed it, our garden.

Last year we set up traps for weeks which did nothing.  Then from a coworker we heard that juicy fruit does the trick.  You put it in their tunnels and they eat it.  Their bodies can't digest it and so they die.  We thought it sounded silly but tried it and it worked!

This year we put in the juicy fruit and they just kept going.  So we put up the traps which again did nothing.  Then we tried even more juicy fruit and they went away for a few days only to return again.  Yet again we put in sticks and sticks of juicy fruit.  For days there has been no activity and I was ready to do my happy dance except when I got home today more tracks.  So the traps have again gone into the garden. 

I am at my wits end and about ready to let out my hillbilly side and sit all night in the garden with a shotgun waiting to shoot at any movement in the ground. 

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  1. You need to watch the tunnels. Each mole digs tunnels all willy nilly, but there is always one that is a big a mile highway. That is where the trap goes. Juicy Fruit doesn't really work (that is via the Ohio Master Gardener Program). I did buy those noise sticks you put in the ground and I don't have them anymore so...I'd say they work.

    By the way, moles eat grubs but earthworms are their favorite source of food. Thus, your garden must have really great soil to be attracting the moles. So, there is the bright side!