Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newport Garden Walk 1

Over the weekend I went to the Newport Garden Walk in Newport, KY with my Mom.  I had never been to a garden walk so I was really curious to check one out.  Needless to say I wasn't disappointed, I saw many great gardens, collected lots of ideas and took countless pictures.  They also had vendors with wonderful plants and garden accessories. 

I was impressed by the organization of the event.  They had easy and accurate maps to direct you around the neighborhood to the different gardens.  Additionally we were given a handout that had a short blurb about each house and the owners top ten plants.  These plants were then labeled in each garden and each house had a different set of numbers so that you wouldn't get plants confused.

It is going to take me many posts to cover the walk but here were some of the highlights:

Garden 1

The most interesting part of this Garden was that the owners collected all types of bricks.  They have built all the brick walls around the garden using the different unique bricks they have found.  No one brick is alike.

I really enjoyed how they added their blueberry bush and veggie plants into their landscaping as you can see below.

Garden 2

This was a cute backyard paver patio surrounded but beautiful plants.  I liked how in the middle of the patio they left a bit of dirt for some grasses and ground cover.

I was surprised and thrilled to see the crepe myrtle plant in the back of the breeze way.  I want a crepe myrtle but didn't think they would grow this far north.  However their extra 10 miles south of me just might make the difference.

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