Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rogue Branches

Do you ever feel that some tomato branches overnight grow an extra foot?  I have been diligently watching my tomato plants trying to guide the branches through the cages as they grow.  However when I seem to miss one day that's the day my plant grows exponentially creating one branch too substantial to guide through the cage because it would break off.  I have already accidentally broken a few branches this summer trying to guide them back into the cages.  But here is my big daddy of the rogue branches.  I have been putting off what to do with it but tonight I secured him with my garden twine to the outside of the cage.

1 comment:

  1. Have you thought about stringing them up as they do in green houses? Tie a loop around the base, wrap the string around the stalk loosely, then have it attached to a pole, say 8 feet up. As it grows you just lower the string somewhat and start harvesting the tomatoes from the bottom up. It involves a lot of diligence at keeping the suckers off though. I did this last year and it made everything all the easier. Plus its silly having Tomato Marionettes.