Monday, June 28, 2010

Newport Garden Walk 2

Garden 3

The walkway up to garden three was complete concrete.  I liked how the owner made the space green with a bench, plants in containers, a potting station and wall decor.  To enter the garden you had to pass through the pergola/archway.

I liked the use of candles and mirrors in the garden.  I had never thought of using mirrors in the garden until I saw this worn one on the side of a shed.  In the picture below a mirror was used on the back fence to make the garden seem like it extended farther than it did.  You can also see the candles on the rock that the gardener had spread throughout the garden.  I bet the candles create a warm glow and intimate feel in the evening. 

Garden 4

This garden was for the ultimate entertainer.  They had a pool, three tiered deck system, and bar with high definition TV.  They showed how even with all these things how you can landscape around them.  Neatly tucked behind the U shaped hedges was their vegetable garden so that it didn't compete with the party atmosphere.

I loved the wrought iron piece that held an herb garden right outside the kitchen door, very convenient!

Garden 5

This garden wasn't necessarily spectacular.  But I liked it because the side and back of the house was 95% concrete.  The gardeners showed how you can still create a green space with lots of groupings of containers.

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