Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bees Allowed

Good News!  Our city allows bees.  Or I should put it they do not restrict bees.  And because they don't restrict bees you can have bees.  We went through all the zoning laws, had friends look at the zoning laws and couldn't find a thing.  But we were still worried and didn't want to have to hide the bees in constant fear of getting caught.  So we called the city to find out and they said YES!  I then asked what if a neighbor complains will we be asked to remove it by the city.  Their response was that the conflict would stay between neighbors.  We don't plan on upsetting our neighbors in fact we plan on them never finding out but wanted the answer for our worst case scenario.

Now we have to decide if this is the best year for us to introduce bees.  I really really want the hive of bees but I'm scared to bite off more than I can handle.  We have plans to extend the garden again and possibly add a cold frame.  I have to make the decision soon, so we will see.

This is the hive that really started it all for me.  When Andy and I went on the Pleasant Ridge Garden walk one of the properties had this hive and one other.  They couldn't speak more highly of having bees and the benefits their garden had seen with the introduction of the bees.

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