Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pleasant Ridge Garden Walk

Last summer Andy and I went on a garden walk in a nearby neighborhood.  Looking at these pictures it seems like a lifetime away compared to the snow covered ground we have now.  Finally  here are some of the highlights of that day.

This was my favorite all over garden.  Their backyard was a series of terraces.  The top two terraces had gravel and the bottom grass.  Each terrace was lushly landscaped and just all over gorgeous!

 This potting center was my favorite garden feature from any of the gardens.  Adjacent to the cottage like shed was this old wooden repurposed counter.  A kitchen sink was inserted into the counter.  Instead of using gravel, stones, pebbles, mulch or other material in front of the potting center old broken terracotta pots were used.  I thought this was a great way to reuse those classic pots once they crack or break.  The old windows of the shed were switched out with mirrors that reflect the plants making the area seem larger and decorated with window boxes.

 This back terrace had a gorgeous pergola draped in a vining plant and it seemed very tropical spa like.

 The front of this house was one of Andy's favorites, he loves fences with arbors in the front yard as an entry way to the yard.

 I liked the idea of hanging candelabras from an over hanging branch for evening light in the garden.

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