Sunday, January 9, 2011

Counter Cleaner

I am a generally clean person, I like the house to always be picked up and clean.  But I like my kitchen to be eat of the floor clean.  I have used all sort of conventional cleaners in the kitchen to achieve this.  Then this year it hit me: If I am trying to get rid of chemicals in the production of my food why would I want to then cook them on surfaces with chemicals on them?  So I have tested out a few different varieties of homemade cleaners.  This one so far has been the best. 

I did use up my conventional cleaner first since putting it into a landfill isn't very green.  Then I cleaned the bottle well and have repurposed it for the homemade version.  I have been very pleased using a homemade version.  You have to retrain your nose a bit since it doesn't smell artificially clean like most cleaners.  But I rest easy knowing that when I roll out pie dough on the counter it isn't picking up anything I wouldn't be willing to put in my body.

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