Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Cooking

With all the snow I have been hunkering down inside and doing plenty of cooking. Over the weekend I made two types of bean soup.  The first soup was a white bean and rosemary soup made with cannellini beans, and sadly the last of our rosemary which has succumbed to the cold.  The second was a basic bean soup using navy beans, black eyed peas, and a left over ham bone I froze after Christmas. 

I also roasted another chicken since we liked the first one so much.  This time I followed the same recipe but added a technique I have used with cornish hens to mince garlic and herbs and stuff the mixture in between the skin and meat.  By putting the herbs under the skin it helps them to permeate into the meat without burning which would happen if the herbs were placed on top of the skin.

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