Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Review In Pictures

Work Parties

Celebrations with My Family
 Notice Reagan with bright pink boots made by my sister!

Yahtzee on Christmas Day!

Michigan with Andy's Family

Racing Uncle Andy!

We had a wonderful holiday season and hope you did too!


  1. Do you always use Symon's General Store for your background? Or do you consider that a Chandler's background? And, do you think it's weird that I can totally picture exactly where you are with only a sliver of background? I am starting to think that Petoskey is home for me, as we have moved so many times, and Petoskey is the only place we go for sure! I am SO GLAD to have this connection with you, even though yours is a winter connection and mine is summer. I hope someday to cross paths in Petoskey with you, either in the summer, or in the winter,

  2. Haha we didn't intentionally take a picture in front of Symon's again. However we were on the opposite side of the street after lunch at Chandlers. We have plans to make it up there some Summer we just aren't sure when that will be, but we will definitely visit you then when it does happen :) Winter trips there are fun and its beautiful with all the snow. But you can tell the city is more alive in the Summer.