Monday, September 26, 2011

One Can

All those tomatoes from the past week's harvest were starting to turn mushy after about two days because of all the cracks.  I had a few good tomatoes still from the week prior so I cut off all the spoiled parts, quartered them and threw them in a stock pot to simmer.  After some time I ran them through my mother in law's food mill which I borrowed to make puree and sauces this Fall.  I then returned the contents back to the pot and reduced it for awhile.  About two hours later, after spent time, energy, electricity for cooking and canning and a pile of tomatoes I ended up with this one can of tomato sauce/puree.  It was well worth saving the tomatoes from going bad but sometimes in canning I am surprised with how much or little I end up with.


  1. That's a beautiful jar of Tomato puree, you might be able to get it at a specialty store for quite a few bucks.BUT.that's yours, from your garden and you didn't waste it by just leaving it to rot! That's thanking Mother Nature for blessing you.. :o)

  2. That stinks! I know how you feel! I have discovered with tomatoes, that the easiest thing for me is to blanch for 1 min, peel, then stuff into jars whole and can them. Then, when I need a jar, I can virtually do anything with it from that point. Sauce...Salsa....soup, whatever!

  3. Yay!for you! You still went ahead and canned it! That's commitment!