Thursday, September 29, 2011


My sister got a dog almost two years ago.  They spent forever picking out what kind of dog would suit her and her husband.  Then again they had to find the right breeder who would soon have puppies and ended up buying their dog across state lines.  For some people picking out a dog is like picking out another family member.  I sometimes get teary eyed when talking about our beloved cairn terrier, Mocha, who passed away five years ago.  I get it we are all crazy about our dogs, we treat them like our children because lets face it they are family.

My sister's dog, Reagan, has quickly become the apple of their eye.  Last year it was highly "suggested" that we send Reagan a birthday card.  And we all know it was just for Tiffany who loved getting all the cards.  I kept Reagan's birthday written in my calendar and this year no one said anything about sending a card in the weeks leading up to it.  And I wondered do I send one to make my sister smile because Reagan will have no clue or do we let it pass.  So I did what any good "Aunt" would do I sent a card.

Again this made me wonder does this make me crazy for sending the card or my sister crazy for ever wanting us to send one in the first place.  I'm not really sure who is the crazy one, maybe both of us, or maybe we are just regular Americans who just love their dogs.

 Me and my Niece

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