Friday, September 23, 2011


Some people enjoy Picasso, some Mozart, me a good loaf of bread.  These are beautiful and again from Blue Oven Bakery.  It seems that my obsession with delicious carbohydrates continues.

Chocolate Cherry Bread is a dark wheat bread studded with chunks of dark chocolate and tart cherries.  The chocolate is decadent and the cherries moist and plump.  It is delicious and I love to have a slice with a cup of coffee for dessert.

The loaf with a B is called Miche.  It is a whole wheat, aged sourdough.  I have only ever had white sourdough and was intrigued.  And lets be honest the pretty B also drew me in since I can be such a sucker.  Andy saw this loaf at home and asked me if this was what they meant by "Mark it with a B," in the patty cake song.  It is a dense, chewy bread with the excellent sourdough tang but in a whole wheat vehicle, yummy.

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  1. Mmm, good bread. Too bad I'm not close, I could have you over for cappuccino and you could bring some of that nice toast!