Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

My newest guilty pleasure that I have acquired are my weekly Blue Oven Bakery purchases.  It is a small operation by a husband/wife team who only sell their products at farmers markets currently.  They grow a bunch of their own wheat and source the rest of their ingredients through other local vendors and then bake their bread in a wood fire oven on their own property. 

Their bread is delicious.  But their english muffins are heavenly.  These english muffins aren't like the dry nuggets you buy at the grocery store, they are light, airy and have a yeasty dough similar to doughnuts but without the sugar and glaze.  They are the reason I am willing to show up to the market a half an hour early just to get in line to guarantee that I will obtain some of these treats.  I use them instead of buns or sliced bread in all sorts of meals and sandwiches.

I probably shouldn't be eating all these carbs but I tell myself its ok because they use local organic ingredients so it isn't over processed like the white bread at the store and must be more nutritious.  Right?  However now that school is back in full swing I am not able to arrive a half hour early unless I end up with an unexpected day off.  So we will see how my luck goes, I might not be able to indulge again until next Summer.


  1. Yum! Of course it is ok!! I have been seeing a lot of recipes lately to make your own english muffins and I am definitely intrigued!

  2. You know I heartily endorse indulging in good bread. To make it a swell treat, try adding Nutella. Mmm, I feel like a snack!