Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annual Fall Outing

Since getting married every Fall we have made a trip to Shaw Farms and Rousters in Milford.  We pick out pumpkins and gourds at Shaw Farms in addition to checking out the farm animals and other local goodies.  At Rousters we pick up apples, cider and apple butter.  Unfortunately this is the last year that we get to go to Rousters since Saturday was their last day.

We even ran into my best friend, Lauren, and Mommy Morris at Shaw Farms


Our last ever purchase from Rousters.



  1. So said about the apple house closing down :(

  2. That is so sad! With all that they have to offer, why in the world would they close? I wish it wasn't so!

  3. We are sad too, it was a bittersweet last visit.