Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After getting the super of honey off the hive and away from the bees it was time to extract it off the comb.  Andy and I went over to Mark's house since he graciously offered to let us use his equipment since we have yet to invest in any of our own.  The process is the same as I posted last time so I won't repeat all the details but I'll show you what we were up to.

 Capped Honey

Cutting off cappings

 Not quite sure exactly what I was doing but it looks like I am preparing to claw the comb out with my right hand

 Comb filled with honey

 Cappings draining

 Frames in the extractor

Empty frames with honey spun out

Honey draining from the extractor

As usual Andy had his video camera so there just might be a honey extraction video in our future.  You could see the determination on his face if only this was actually in focus.

We owe a big thanks to Mark who saved us from being blundering idiots.  He saved the day when I panicked and generously donated his time and resources.  When all was said and done he didn't let me help clean up the mess I made at his house and sent me home with jars for bottling.  There is no thank you that actually shows our appreciation but I tried with some of the herbed biscuits I made last week and a gallon of his favorite sweet tea. 


  1. What an interesting post! Your friend must really be into honey harvesting to have an extractor like that. I've never seen one before, but it looks like it would do a very thorough job! Thanks for sharing the great info!

  2. He has 40+ hives so he does alot of extracting!