Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Tomatoes

I found myself the recipient of this bushel of partially ripe but mostly green tomatoes.

I washed them and all laid out they took up most of my counter.  I did find a couple of baby zucchinis in there also.  As any good cook/gardener I didn't want any of it to go to waste.  Four tomatoes were ripening up nicely and were unbruised so they are currently on my windowsill continuing to ripen.  The other ripening tomatoes that were bruised or pierced along with all the green tomatoes were put into a pot and canned into different delectables.

I spent three nights cooking and canning these goodies.  On the farthest left we have a green tomato jam, in the middle a green tomato chutney and on the right a mixture of partially ripened and green tomato jam.  I used a recipe for regular tomato jam from Food In Jars but then substituted in green tomatoes.  But of course we managed to fry one up and eat it before canning the rest.

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  1. So happy for your bounty , especially the fried green tomato :o) I love them also..and hope hubby will find one today for me at the store..mine have all long been gone :o(