Monday, October 3, 2011


I picked a lot of arugula but had to toss it all.  It got so spicy in a late Summer heat wave it was inedible.  I am hoping the lettuce that grows back in will be much milder now that it has cooled off considerably.

Surprisingly a pepper did finally grow, it is the only one I have gotten this year.  I left it on the plant for weeks hoping that it would turn red since it was a red pepper plant but at this point since the weather has begun to change I went ahead and picked it.  A green pepper it is!

The tomatoes I pulled off in prepping for the light frost over the weekend.  The cherry ones are ready but all the larger ones will probably have to sit on the counter for a week before being edible.


  1. First frost! Don't even utter those words! Nice harvest, though. I, too, have tomatoes sitting on the window sill. I guess it's just what we do!

  2. And a very beautiful green pepper it looks too. Not to mention those fabulous looking eggplants.