Friday, October 14, 2011

Winter Stores

All Summer long I was cooking, canning and storing food while it was fresh.  In a way you could call me a hoarder of fresh food.  While the garden is still producing and we can buy things locally I don't want to break into the stash.  But Andy has had his eye on those peaches for weeks now.  I have kept him away telling him I needed to take a picture so I can show off my hard work.  

I have to say every time I walk past the shelves I feel proud.  Some might find this silly.  I know there are some of you out there with much much more than me.  But I know that this food all came from my garden, a family member or a local vendor and was grown the right way.  Come Winter time we will pop open cans and have food that tastes better than most grocery store cans.  I am excited knowing that even though nothing is growing outside we will still be eating well.

This week I finally filled up the shelves with all of the green tomato goodies and decided it was time to document the beauties.

No sooner had I snapped the picture Andy was popping open a can of peaches and ate the entire quart in a sitting or should I say standing.  I'm now thinking next year I need to can double the amount of peaches at the rate he is going to consume them.


  1. That is an AWESOME stash! I wish I had that much! I know what you mean too, all the Strawberry jam I made is ALREADY GONE! ha! I will know better for next year!

  2. Great job! It all looks wonderful! Keep records of what you can and how fast it goes. It will be a tremendous help for next year!