Monday, October 10, 2011


The harvests from the garden may not be as abundant as they were two months ago but things are still chugging along and we are enjoying it!

This weekend I pulled out the first tomato plant for Winter.  It was the yellow pear which was sending out suckers like crazy once I pruned the top because it was getting to be 10 feet tall.  The weight of the plant was about to break the stake and take the cage down so I determined it was best to say goodbye since the flavor of these this year have been so-so.  I did however collect all the full sized green tomatoes to find uses for instead of wasting them by throwing them away.

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  1. If those green tomatoes were actually mature enough - they should ripen nicely off the vine if you keep them in a warm place inside and just check them periodically to remove any that spoil etc.