Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quince Jelly

Over the weekend Andy's cousin Andreas from Germany was visiting.  Andy's maternal grandmother was a German nurse who married an American soldier during WWII.  She moved here with her new husband leaving all of her family in Germany.   We wish we got to see them more but the big ocean in between hinders regular visits.

Andreas has a shop in Germany where he sells all sorts of Native American pieces.  Once a year he makes the trek out West to buy directly from the artists who live on reservations.  During these trips he always makes a detour through Cincinnati to visit us.

He always brings yummy chocolate from Germany.  This year he also brought over some quince jelly that they made.  I have never had quince before but knew it was along the lines of an apple or pear.  So of course I popped open the jar once we got home.  The jelly is wonderful, not overly sweet with a hint of citrus flavor.  We will definitely enjoy it on toast, crackers or mixed in with yogurt.

I just wish that I had known we were trading homemade goodies.  I would have made sure to come bearing a jar of jam or peach salsa and honey.  I'd also like to have such cute canning jars.

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