Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Planting

Over the weekend I was able to get some of our plantings started.  It rained so hard Saturday it was too muddy so I waited until Sunday afternoon when the ground had dried out enough.  Unfortuneatly it got dark before I could finish everything.  I wasn't going to get the lamp out again, I do have my limits.  Hopefully later this week I will be able to get the rest of our Spring seeds in. 

Broccoli transplants and a new Rosemary plant in the back.

It's a very unexciting picture.  But behind the four sticks are the rows of onions and garlic I planted.  The onions are Yellow Stuttgarter.  I planted them 4 inches apart which seemed a bit close hopefully they get big enough.  This year I decided against growing red onions since I don't use them as often and the variety I chose last year did quite poorly.  We go through yellow onions much faster so I decided it would be better use of our space only to plant yellow this year.  The garlic variety is California and those were planted 6 inches apart. 

The asparagus patch, I planted 16 plants.  Each is marked with a stick so I know exactly where they are and can watch for the new growth.  I planted mostly Jersey Knight and some Jersey Giant.  Even though I normally prefer heirloom plants I opted against the heirloom Martha Washington so I don't have to worry about self seeding.  I only put a couple of inches of dirt on top of the roots.  You aren't supposed to completely cover them in the beginning.  As they grow rest of the dirt gets filled in around them.  I have read differening opinions on spacing ranging from 12-18 inches.  I wanted to fit as much in as possible so I went with 12 inches.

And people wonder why I don't love our neighbor's Magnolia tree.  If you need a reminder look a couple of posts down at the pretty, clean mulch of last week.  This is only half the petals the other half has yet to drop.  They are slippery and the leaves in the Fall are even worse.

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  1. Busy girl! How annoying about your neighbors tree!

    I loooove rosemary!