Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 Brasiccas, Herbs, Pepper and Eggplant Reviews

Premium Crop Broccoli - It is going to be awhile before I grow broccoli again.  These were extremely slow to grow.  Out of 6 plants I ended up with one head before I had to pull them all out because they were infested with cabbage moth caterpillars and I needed the space for other plants.

Toscano Kale - I was really pleased with the growth, size and flavor of the Kale.  Next year I just need to put row cover over them so that I can enjoy them before the cabbage moth caterpillars do too.

Bouquet Dill - This was my first experience growing dill.  It took longer than I anticipated for it to germinate and get growing but once it did they were quite large, hardy and the flavor was wonderful.

Barbecue Rosemary - I won't start picking my rosemary until it has a good amount of growth going on, so I felt like I was waiting forever before I could start picking and still be left with a healthy plant.  But by the end of the season my rosemary was huge.  The flavor was wonderful but I felt the leaves were more tender to the cold than other varieties I have grown.

Red Beauty Red Pepper - I gave the pepper the sunniest, warmest spot in the entire garden.  I ended up with one green pepper by the end of the season.  I don't think I get enough sun to grow really great peppers.  I was thinking I might have better success next year trying them in a pot or I might give up all together on peppers.

Classic Eggplant - This plant was the workhorse of the garden this year.  We were supplied with an abundance of deep purple, glossy fruit.  I was absolutely thrilled with the harvest and quality of this plant.


  1. Peppers always seem difficult for us when we try to start them from seed.

    I was going to try broccoli and cauliflower from seed this year, but I am thinking it might be like the peppers with the difficulty.

  2. I'm impressed you start peppers from seed. Mine was started from a start bought at the garden center and it still did crappy.