Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zinnia Seed

I have been browsing my seed catalogs deciding what to get for next year.  In addition to veggies I also like to pick out a few flowers for cutting.  It helps to feed my love of indoor arrangements and curb my desire to buy some at the farmers market.  Last year the only variety that worked out really well for me were Zinnias.

This year I plan to try out a couple of different types from last year other than the Zinnias.  I was at my Dad's over the holidays discussing seeds when I found out his wife, Connie, saved all of her Zinnia seeds from last year.  So I was sent home with a lovely and large bag of mixed Zinnia seeds.  I am looking forward to planting them next year and seeing what pops up.  Now I just need to pick out all of the other seeds.

1 comment:

  1. Wow awesome! We have a front area of our house that I want to turn into a cutting flowers patch! I LOVE Zinnas too