Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out of Commission

Things have been quiet over here because I have been struggling with vertigo for over a week.  I went to bed feeling fine one night and woke up the next morning with my world spinning.  I have been to the doctor twice the first time being told it would pass and then when it didn't the second time I was given some antibiotics and other meds in an attempt to kick it.  I am hoping that the medication works but I know that if it was caused by a virus it has to pass on it's own.  Although there are many ways you can get vertigo and there is no way to determine which cause it is.

Other than going to work when absolutely necessary I have spent most of my days laying on the couch trying not to move and aggravate the dizziness.  The worst part is that in all this resting my body feels fine and I am itching to be productive.  But my head does need the rest which means no reading or being on the computer.  I have watched way too much crappy TV the past few days and I think my brain cells are dying a slow death.  Today I was up for reading and catching up with blogs and I am jealous of all the planning and work people have had the chance to do.  I feel like I have wasted two perfectly good weekends on doing nothing.  Yes, calling pity party for one.

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