Thursday, January 19, 2012


This week we registered for the Southwest Ohio beekeeper school in March.  I went last year and really enjoyed it; this year Andy is going to join me .  But even though we are going together we are actually going to seperate sessions.  We each have different areas of interest in bees and this way we can tell each other about what we heard and learn more than if we both go to the same sessions.

I am looking forward to hearing about assessing the queen's productivity and finding her, a beginning beekeeper refresher course, diseases of the hive, and "think like a bee" about colony behavior.  Andy will be learning about how to be an advocate for bees, tips for removing bees from structures, native bees of Ohio, and bottling & marketing honey.


  1. How very interesting that the two of you are learning about the care of Bees, living in a developement isn't ideal for us :o(

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  3. Do you have bees yet? If not we hope you can get them. We hope we can get them someday too.

  4. Gingerbreadshouse7 - We live in a development, we are in an old neighborhood from the 20s where all the houses are packed in tight and there is still enough room for bees!

    Jody - We have bees, we are finishing up our first year with them. They are really easy compared to most other "livestock."