Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Squashes, Melons, Cucumber Reviews

Aristocrat & Dark Star Zucchini - I have lumped these together because I didn't really notice one doing better or worse than the other.  Both provided me with a start of good fruit but overall they succumbed to powdery mildew early on.  However they did better than last year's zucchini that never produced anything.

Supersett Summer Squash - The summer squash did the same as the zucchini.  They started off well but were overtaken by powdery mildew.

Spaghetti Squash - I grew a non identified variety from a big box store, which was the only place I could find spaghetti squash.  The squash did not do well.  I got two medium sized squashes and again this squash had the same fate as the others, powdery mildew.

Homemade Pickles Cucumber - I bought this start at the garden center because it was the only pickling variety available.  I was happy with the cucumbers and the amount we were starting to get.  They made delicious refrigerator pickles.  But the plant died from bacterial wilt half way through the season.

Sugar Baby Watermelon - The plant grew two baby watermelons but I left one on the vine too long and lost it.  I was happy with the watermelon we got.  It took up a lot of space so I don't plan on growing one again because in our small garden I want to maximize our growing potential.  But I would definitely try this variety again if I decide to grow watermelons some other time.


  1. There is a vining warermelon variety that stays small and grows up a trellis for those with limited garden space -- I will have to see where I wrote down the name of it!