Monday, January 23, 2012


It might seem that I have my first harvest of 2012 but really these are 2011 harvests.  The beans and cilantro seed were pulled back in early fall and then life got busy so they sat in the garage until this weekend.  I finally shelled the beans and pulled the seeds off the old stalks.  I ended up saving about 2 ounces of cilantro seed and will have plenty for this upcoming season.

 A whole whopping 2 ounces of Kenearly Yellow Eye beans.  

 The Jacob's Cattle beans are beautiful, speckled with red and white.  However the measly 2.5 ounces may not have been worth the garden space they took up.  I am really going to have to consider if I want to try them again this year or grow something more productive.


  1. They are beautiful looking beans and i just love their names too. Now the taste test, will be interested to hear how they cook up.

  2. Beautiful! I am ordering two different dried bean varieties to try my hand at this year and I sure hope they produce a decent amount!

  3. I love pictures of beans. I grew both those varieties this year. The yellowed eyed one (Molasses face in my case) was a really good producer.

  4. I love looking at heirloom bean seeds they are just so beautiful. I eat a lot of mine as shelleys so I just dry a small amount for seed for next year most years, tho on occasion get enough for a couple of pots of beans.