Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Honey Labels

I finally got around to making labels for our jars of honey.  We will be gifting some this year for Christmas and it was about time to get them gift giving ready.  I just used Avery labels because they are supposed to be partnering up with Martha Stewart.  Her team will be creating templates and designs just for Avery.  Unfortunately I couldn't find her templates, I think it's a young partnership and the products are not fully developed. 

I did however find a flower and a bee icon among their options and put them together on our label.  Over all I am happy with how they turned out and think it is really cute.  They did print slightly off center to the left, but it wasn't so bad that I was willing to throw a whole sheet out and start over.  Actually the perfectionist in me was willing to redo them but Andy said they looked just fine.  I think the recipients of these bottles will be quite pleased!


  1. We hope so much to get bees this year. We're still trying to work them in. Your labels are very cute. It's something we'd like to do for our homemade wine bottles.

  2. Thanks! You know the labels I bought were shown on the cover used as a wine label. They were reasonably priced and they have template designs that you can personalize online that go with the lable. It was quite easy, you should check it out!