Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Harvesting

The weather has officially turned to from Fall to Winter despite what the calendar says.

After being able to loosen the soil and get some leeks and parsnips I finally got around to taking some precautions to make sure that I can harvest them later in the Winter.  I planted both specifically because they can last in the ground through the Winter.  I would be thrilled to get anything from the garden in the middle of January and February.

The chard has seen their last days and did not make it through the frost we have been having.  I pulled them out and used their leaves along with the harvested leek tops to insulate the soil around the leeks still in the ground.  I then piled old leaves on top of the parsnips.  Hopefully both of these efforts will keep the soil from freezing and allow me to harvest through the winter.


  1. Great (almost) winter harvests. I hope you get something in January and February too!