Wednesday, May 23, 2012


8 out of 10 crowns that I planted this year have so far come up.  Hopefully this year's crowns will be more successful than last years.  If they don't come back up next year then I am done with asparagus at this property and will try again the next time we move.


  1. Hey, I see them, and here's to hoping they come up again next year! They will. I'm sure. 8 out of 10 is very good in my book. I recommend letting them grow, grow, grow this year, then till them, yes, I mean till the soil above the crowns early next spring and see what comes up. It's an approach to asparagus that friends of ours follows, and they've had incredible success! We'll be trying it ourselves this year.

    1. Last year I let them grow and cut them once they died back in the Fall. I think the spot might not get enough Sun.