Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tomato Line Up

Yesterday I told you about two of my tomatoes that I am most excited to see how they do.  Here is the rest of the lineup that I have so far:

Super Sweet 100 - I like to have one cherry tomato for salads, snacking, veggie trays and such.
Black Krim - This tomato did amazing and was prolific for us last year so I wanted to include something that I knew would do well.
Husky Red - I decided to give this plant a try because I needed a reliable mid-season tomato.
Celebrity - I decided to give this one a try for the same reasons as Husky Red.  I figure this way I can compare the two.
Red Brandywine - This is considered to be the luxury car of tomatoes and last year it had an OK year.  I wanted to give it another go.
Caspian Pink - In a major taste test in California this is the first tomato to beat out the Brandywine so I had to try it, especially so I could compare them side by side.

I am still hoping to get my hands on an Amish Paste tomato and to try a new orange or yellow variety.

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  1. I have heard good things about a lot of those. I was very interested in a black variety tomato; I am trying the Black Early this year.