Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Planting the Summer Garden

Last week I was able to spend a day planting most of the Summer garden.

I filled in more parsnip seeds into spots where the others did not germinate.  I planted the snapdragons that were started inside.  Seeds for kale, cosmos, zinnias, and a few more radishes were started.  I found red and green cabbage starts at a local store so I decided to give them a try.

Borage seeds were planted among the tomatoes and I have begun to hill up the soil around the potato plants.

The extra tomato was planted in what will be bush green beans.  I planted one row of provider beans on the left side of the bed.  I will plant two more rows this week and another row next week so that we will get a continual harvest of beans.  I am still waiting for the asparagus in the back of the bed to come in.

Onions and leeks were planted in front of the garlic.  I replanted swiss chard seeds in the spots where it did not come in.  On the left zucchini, summer squash and cucumber seeds were planted.  A small nasturtium was planted in the midst. 

I am going to test types of trellising.  The peas are on bamboo tepees, for the KY Wonder pole beans I set up netting that I nailed to the fence.


  1. Looks nice! I am not too familiar with Borage -- is it a good companion to 'maters?

    1. I decided last year to plant borage with my tomatoes and was happy enough with the results to do it again this year. It's an herb, you eat the flowers which have a light cucumber taste. They are pretty and tall so they look good among the tomatoes. They attract pollinators, bees love them. Mainly they are supposed to deter tomato pests and I read somewhere they also deter deer which was the main reason I planted them. I did find one tomato hornworm in my plants and I chased a deer out once. But the main problem I had last year was with the squirrels so it seems overall the borage did it's job.

  2. You've been busy! Can't wait to see the spoils.