Tuesday, June 5, 2012



  1. Your aerial photos are great. They give a context for your closer shots. You'll probably laugh, but I did not know your bees were right there in the garden. Do you get any flack from your neighbors for having bees in the front yard?

    1. We haven't gotten any flack from neighbor's. In fact most of them have no clue it is there. I mentioned it to one of them this spring after it had been there for a year and they had no clue. The fences do a good job of blocking it from most people's view when they drive by.

      It's actually my backyard. We live on a corner so 270 degrees of our house is exposed. My backyard is next to my back neighbor's front yard. So people often mistake in photos my backyard for my frontyard because you see the other street's front yards. I should take pictures around the house sometime so people can understand a little bit better.

    2. How much or non existent difficulty is there to bee keeping? Do you notice a marked difference in your veggie plot having them?

    3. Forgot to add : Enjoy how you zig-zag your soaker liner over the beds. :D

    4. It is hard to say the exact difference the bees have made on our garden. But I will say that before I got the bees I had a year with few tomatoes and no zuchinni but both plants had plenty of blossoms. We saw few pollinators in our garden so we decided to do something about it by adding them directly to the garden. Last year was our first year with the bees and we definitely had an increase with tomatoes, eggplant, and zuchinni all plants that rely on pollination. We can't say how much of that is a direct results of our bees but I am sure they had a hand in it!