Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Around The House

From the pictures I post it looks like our garden might be in our front yard, and I often get comments on it.  However our garden is in our backyard.  In the pictures you are seeing our neighbor's front yard.  We live on a corner so our backyard juts up to our back neighbor's front yard.  Are you now confused?  I took pictures around the house starting in the front to hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

Front of the house.

Going around to the side.

Side of the house.

Heading towards the back of the house.

The back end of our house and property.  The raised beds are to the left of the driveway, the beehive is straight ahead, and the in-ground garden is along the privacy fence all the way up to the house.

If you continue on down the street you can see how our garden is next to the back neighbor's front yard.  In the pictures you are seeing the front yards of the houses on this side street.


  1. That clears that up! I always thought it was in the front yard, too.

    Love your house, by the way.

  2. Yep, just like the neighbor to our east on the corner. There house is orientated towards a perpendicular street and so there back is on our side. :)