Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Standing My Ground

There are plenty of products out there to repel deer, rabbits, moles, birds, cats, gophers, snakes and the list goes on.  But I haven't found something for the average city dwelling squirrel.  I have tried cayenne pepper sprinkled around the garden, and they must like heat because it hasn't deterred them.  Short of surrounding my garden in a fortress of netting I am not sure what else to do.

So after the most recent squirrel vandalism to my tomatoes I decided to attempt some action.  It was back to the fabric store where I bought some more tulle.  With the use of clothespins and ground staples I created cylinders around the cages just to the height where the squirrels start to not be able to reach the tomatoes anymore.

Now I know that tulle is not a strong shield.  Squirrels have teeth and little claws and will quite possibly rip it all apart.  But maybe it is enough of a barrier for them to leave the 'maters alone.  Time will tell if the squirrels get to the next ripening tomato or not but it was worth the five bucks to try.

I also added some hanging aluminum pie pan pieces.  Supposedly the sound of them clanging together in the wind is like nails scratching on a chalk board.  At this point I will try anything.


  1. City squirrels are the absolute worst!! I sure hope that this works! Keep us posted.

  2. I think you're idea will work well. There's got to be easier pickings elsewhere. We use an air rifle. It's not strong enough to penetrate their skin, but it stings enough to discourage them from visiting.

  3. Thanks, Vanessa. You post reminded me to go in the backyard to chase off a munching rabbit. :)