Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer To Do List

School is out for summer!  I have had a week to do a few household chores and settle into a new routine.  Although the routine of summer is always changing based on my schedule.  But still I am ready to start some summer projects.  I have a few mundane and unexciting chores like clean out my closet and reorganize our basement storage room.  I know you are excited for me.

I do have a few other goals for summer that have nothing to with cleaning:

1. Practice my pie crust.  Last summer I worked on learning how to make a perfect pie crust and I believe that my pastries are more consistent.  But I would like to refine it even more.
2. Can, a lot!  I plan on putting a way more than double the peaches as last year, although I need to find a new supplier.  I received a new canning book over the winter and am ready to try out many of the recipes.
3. Learn how to sew. This last one is my big new project for myself and the one I don't know how I will execute.  There is a local sewing studio that is offering a 6 week beginner course (staring in a week) to learn all sorts skills, price though is an issue.  I'm only looking how to do the basics so when something needs repairing I can.  I'm not looking to start making my own wardrobe, so we will see how this goes.

For now this is my summer to do list.  Although I'm sure I'll think or make up a few more things for myself as the summer chugs along.

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  1. I too have the same cleaning chores to do as you, but I prefer to go out to the garden, will try to tackle them on a rainy day.
    You may be able to find helpful books on basic sewing from your library.