Monday, April 25, 2011

A's Bday and 20 Brix

Happy Birthday Andy, today he turns 28!  Because this past weekend was Easter we actually went out to celebrate over a week ago.  Andy chose 20 Brix a local restaurant and wine bar, located in old downtown Milford, that we have been wanting to go to for years but just never got around to it.  It definitely did not disappoint.

We were sat at the table closest to the waiter's station and kitchen.  I really didn't mind, sometimes you get better service sitting that close to the kitchen and you get to see the action.  When the waitress came over she had in hand free glasses of champagne since we had the table with the least ambiance.  I almost want to request this table from now on.

The food was absolutely decadent and delectable.  The presentation was top notch, feasting with your eyes before the mouth.  We started the meal with some appetizers, salad and wine while the main stars of the meal were. . .
The venison was tender, juicy and not at all gamey.  It sat atop roasted carrots, greens, potato fritters with a red wine reduction.
Trout, I wish I could remember what the sauce was but it was served with a mixture sautee of potatoes, celery, olives and tomatoes.  It was good!

Shrimp and Grits with a sherry sauce and pancetta.  I have to tell you these grits were creamy, smooth and dangerous.  If I knew grits could be this good I would have become a convert years ago.

This is the complimentary birthday dessert I think it was called the chocolate kiss.  It just showed up at the table without having to order it.  The chocolately goodness was the perfect ending to our meal. 

Our meal was amazing, we would definitely give it five out of five stars and look forward to visiting 20 Brix sometime soon hopefully.

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  1. Oh wow, this looks amazing. We went out to eat over the weekend and Greg had trout, it must be "in season!"